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Head of Mobilisation at Greenpeace India in bengaluru Full Time

Job description

Job title: Head of Mobilisation / Mobilisation Manager

Unit: Engagement Services

Internal Grade : F

Total Monthly Salary : INR.103150/-

Reports to: Engagement Director

Location: Bangalore

Purpose of role

To lead, manage and support the mobilisation team to develop and implement an integrated program to increase our supporter base, deepen our relationship with our supporters, and inspire them to win campaigns with Greenpeace.

To establish and inspire a culture of innovation and risk taking within the team, encouraging them to try new things, be prepared to deal with both failure and success, and build capacity to learn from failure and capitalise on successes.

This is a senior position requiring a powerful yet sensitive sense of leadership; this is critical to the role, given the level of individual expertise that members of the Mobilisation team possess, and the many relationships that need to be developed and maintained across multi-functional teams, including in high-pressure circumstances.

Main duties

Mobilisation Campaign Design

  • Mentoring and supporting mobilisation staff to integrate people powered strategies and tactics within projects, to grow our reach, strengthen engagement and to win campaigns
  • Working in collaboration with overall program team, set broad strategy for how the mobilisation team will achieve its goals across campaign impact, power-building, fundraising, and communications objectives.
  • Integrate mobilisation tools and tactics across all our channels i.e. mobiles, email, social media, web and offline
  • Ensuring mobilisation plans are integrated with actions, fundraising, media and campaigns.


  • Collaborate with fundraising team to set Ambitious online fundraising and lead generation goals.
  • Develop a community of best practice to optimise email, mobiles and lead generation tools, inc petitions, Facebook ads etc. to support fundraising to meet those goals
  • Maintain a dotted line relationship with digital marketing staff identifying specific campaign moments and interesting creative content on platforms like Facebook to reach out to people

Email Campaigning

  • Maintain a strategic oversight of the health of the email list – co-ordinating the needs of campaign and fundraising
  • Ensure that mobilisation staff are trained and supported to deliver the results we need from our email output in terms of list building, lead generation, relationship development, responsiveness and retention.
  • Encourage a culture of testing, experimentation and data driven decisions ref our email outputs
  • Ensure the integration of supporter journeys, and our pyramid of engagement across campaign and project plans

Digital Platforms

  • Ensuring our digital platforms (main website, Greenpeace X, Greenwire and micro sites) are maintained and new platforms / web developments are created as needed.
  • Oversee the project management of new web projects, ensuring quality, managing staff capacity and external agencies to meet timelines within budget.
  • Encourage the testing of new web and technical developments, the integration of mobile and new technologies into our web development work

Social Media

  • Ensure that our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, You Tube etc.) are kept active, creative content is regularly posted, and content is scheduled as appropriate
  • Lead the development of social media strategies, objectives and analysis to ensure social media content supports project and mobilisation based objectives
  • Evaluate the potential for new social media channels, and their implementation as appropriate


  • Oversee the reinvigoration of Greenpeace India’s mobile campaigning capacity and maintain an oversight of the health of the lists, and the mobile campaigning budget
  • Ensure that mobilisation staff are trained and supported to develop mobile campaigning strategies and tools
  • Evaluate the potential for new mobile campaigning tools and relationships with new vendors and oversee the implementation of those tools as appropriate.

Data Analysis

  • Ensuring the mobilisation and program team is adequately supported with data analysis, segmentation, measurement and reporting
  • Oversee systems and structures to ensure that we are fast and nimble enough to bring data to the table quickly for iterative improvements and to exploit campaign moments

Digital Communications

  • Work with the comms / media manager to develop best practices and guidelines for broadcasting & engagement on digital platforms.
  • Support the development of creative comms and engagement projects involving both mob and comms staff
  • Oversee the development of relationships with alternative and digital media outlets

Public Engagement

  • Ensuring that offline campaigning is an integrated, crucial element of all of our work.
  • Developing outcomes for offline mobilisation team to deliver specific campaign, actions, fundraising, media and digital outcomes.
  • Oversee the long term strategic growth of our offline mobilisation and volunteering network

Global Coordination & Collaboration

  • Coordinating and collaborating with the global engagement and mobilisation team for capacity building, skill sharing, development of global tools and alignment of campaign, fundraising, and mobilisation resources.

Staff Management & Budget Authority

  • Coaching staff in project teams and providing direct line management support to staff outside projects.
  • Developing, monitoring and authorising budget for the unit.

Organisational development

  • Input into and support organisational development processes, internal communications and the operation of the program department – representing mobilisation at a senior level


Has Authority To

  • Develop and enforce guidelines for digital reach, communications & engagement
  • assign staff to project roles
  • developing new tools and testing


Decisions could impact the organisation’s reputation and supporter base


Internal: Interacting with Program and Fundraising managers and specialists – advising, training and negotiating plans

External: External vendors & contractors – negotiating terms, GP Global staff and teams


People: Line management of digital technology, web develop, data analysts and digital engagement, social media, network developer & public engagement campaigners

Financial: Has authority over a dedicated budget for the unit

Knowledge, Experience & Skills

οƒ˜ Extensive experience in mobilisation roles and setting mobilisation strategy in a results-driven environment

οƒ˜ Deep knowledge and experience in using data analysis to inform decisions

οƒ˜ Experience in mentoring, coaching and managing staff

οƒ˜ An understanding of how to move people to act; familiarity with best practices for offline organising, email, social media, web, mobile and other digital content,

οƒ˜ Expertise in at least one area or mobilisation speciality


οƒ˜ Ability to provide strategic perspective

οƒ˜ Ability to work as a collaborative leader

οƒ˜ Demonstrable skills in interpersonal communication – clarifying and communicating vision & long-term goals, resolving conflicts

Organisation Skills

Planning And Organizing

οƒ˜ Planning the work of a multi-skilled team to deliver campaign objectives


οƒ˜ Monitor and evaluate departmental results in terms of target achievements, project successes etc.

οƒ˜ Initiate appropriate research and testing to develop new tools for use in the program department and possible use in the Fundraising department


οƒ˜ Always be on the lookout for best practices in Mobilisation across the development sector and replicate best practices related to online marketing, viral marketing, on ground mobilisation etc.

Environmental demands

The candidate might be required to travel frequently and in some cases stay in places other than their base city.

Other Essential Requirements

Willingness to work long and unsocial hours in difficult conditions and a high stress environment, as required by the project outputs and the external situation in India

Commitment to NVDA as a tool to effect change, and achieving agreed campaign objectives.

JD Head of Mobilisation

June 2016


Nonprofit Organization Management

Employment type



Mid-Senior level

Job function


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  • Date Posted: Posted 5 years ago
  • Location: bengaluru
  • Job Title: Head of Mobilisation at Greenpeace India in bengaluru
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