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At our core, we are a bunch of engineers who have a profound respect for the creative process and the magic woven by amazing engineers. You are someone who is excited about the enormous potential in mobile e-commerce. It bothers you that the experience of shopping on your device(s) is very ordinary, not as seamless as it should be. You see the opportunity there and want to do something about it.

1. Love programming: You get a kick out of having machines do your bidding and you are looking to improve your craft. You are proud of something you’ve built in the past? We’d love to see it – in fact, we insist on seeing it. Please share a link?
2. Have Humility & Empathy: You do realize that programming is a personal craft and that it’s easy to step on ego’s when people put so much of themselves in their work. So you keep this in mind and try and play well with others.
3. Impact: You care about making a difference. And it shows in your work, in your approach. Yes, tell us more.
3. Contribute to Open Source: You have a Github/Bitbucket profile and have something we can talk about when we chat.

Nice to haves:
1. Functional programming experience: You do think [we are there]( You do see the value of functional programming and get excited by code that expresses an idea clearly. If you have prior experience in Clojure, that’s just awesome – but even if you don’t and are excited about learning the language, we’d LOVE to chat
2. Machine Learning/Statistics: Anything you can bring to the table in helping us build our personalization engine would be awesome. This could be R experience or maybe you have taken [Dr. Andrew Ng’s class from Stanford/Coursera](
3. Profiling/Scaling: Have poked around with New Relic. Looked at query performance/optimization. Used Clustering/Sharding etc.
4. An Eye for aesthetics: We are engineers with a deep love for aesthetics, so if you have something visually pleasing to show us from your past work, don’t be shy, we love that stuff!
5. Prior startup experience – Maybe you’ve been an early employee at another startup, or better yet, you’ve tried something on your own. That’s awesome – let’s talk!

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  • Date Posted: Posted 5 years ago
  • Location: bengaluru
  • Job Title: Backend Developer at Swym in Bengaluru
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