Content Writer and Strategist at Finomena in bengaluru Full Time

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We’re a team of Stanford and IIT Delhi founders (worked at places like Facebook, Microsoft, BCG, BainCapital and in VC before), who are working on something amazing in the trillion$ fin-tech space using big-data/ML in BLR. (are well-funded)

It’s extremely important to be thoughtful about every word that has to be written or phrased, as communication and messaging have an unparalleled impact on perception, persuasion and eventually success!

So we’re looking for go-getter, roll-up-your-sleeves type “messaging strategists and executioners” (won’t want to call it just Content Writing, because it is so much more than that), who love munching on big, scary problems.

If you’re up for exploring something exciting =>
1. Read our blog entries at
2. Form your POV on Finomena and on both our co-founders (checkout their Linkedin profiles : and
3. Apply via Angellist
4. Write us a quick message while you apply to give us deeper insights into the unique kind of crazy awesome person you are, and why you’re applying 🙂

If you have questions, or want to reach out in general, feel free to drop us a note! It’s always great to hear from smart, passionate folks!

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  • Date Posted: Posted 6 years ago
  • Location: Bengaluru
  • Job Title: Content Writer and Strategist at Finomena in bengaluru
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