Digital Marketing Genius at Retedys in hyderabad Full Time

Job Description

// —- We’re Looking For Someone Who —- //

Understands Search Engine Optimization in and out
Is excellent in Content Creation
Possess brilliance, great intelligence, great intellect, great ability, cleverness, brains, erudition, wisdom, sagacity, fine mind, wit, artistry, flair, creative power, precocity, precociousness
Or in simple words, has the ability to derive such keywords πŸ˜‰

// —- Also Nice If You Are —- //

Passion filled
Up to date with latest trends world wide
Follows XKCD or 9GAG is (Not that it is mandatory, but we’ve observed people who follow these are funny and knows what goes viral and what doesn’t)
Great in Communication

On the whole, if you’re that social fanatic who loves being online and creating content, this role is for you.

Specially for you geniuses we have exciting remote work opportunities as well, so feel free to contact even if you want to work remotely

APPLY if you believe you are an online social freak
DON’T APPLY if you know only Google, Facebook and Whatsapp

Job Overview

  • Date Posted: Posted 5 years ago
  • Location: Hyderabad
  • Job Title: Digital Marketing Genius at Retedys in hyderabad
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