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Digital Marketing Specialist at tata communication in mumbai Full Time

Job description

Role is for creating, implementing and managing digital properties and tools for marketing (concept to delivery), coordination, updates, and maintenance of web content and properties, managing the back-end functions related to digital properties, including data flows, integrations between technology platforms, and maintenance of data systems and data quality.

Key Responsibilities

  • Manage CMS systems for content and implement website updates
  • Ensure compliance with brand, technical, and analytic guidelines
  • Research, discover, conceptualize usage of latest industry-standard and developing new marketing technology, solutions, tools, resources, and apps
  • Manage and run the backend systems linked to web properties
  • Manage CRM system integrations and data flow, link website data to CRM lead data to customer revenue data
  • Manage the document asset management systems
  • Research and implement best practices in CRM, data flows and data quality, and website functions and features
  • Manage data quality and enhancements
  • Monitor and audit site and system performance and traffic flow


  • HTML+CSS, javascript, flash, dreamweaver
  • Prototyping / wireframing tools; design tools like Photoshop are a plus
  • Drupal / Craft / Wordpress development and deployment
  • Website hosting and management
  • Google Analytics, Tag Manager
  • Salesforce / Marketo / Eloqua / Pardot CRM systems implemetation
  • SEO basics

Experience Required

  • Approx. 3 years in a web developer / producer profile
  • Experience in CRM and marketing automation systems (Salesforce, Marketo preferred but any CRM will do)
  • Ability to manage multiple projects
  • Good communications skills
  • Preference given to candidates that have at any time built apps, personal websites, games, software systems, dashboards, adservers, managed domains, databases, or participated in any implementation projects of new systems as managers / leaders.
  • Time management and ability to work with multiple diverse teams across timezones
  • Demonstrated ability to directly design / develop / implement / manage websites, apps, and tools / features without agency support

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Ashish Tewari

Marketing Technologist at Tata Communications
San Francisco Bay Area

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  • Date Posted: Posted 6 years ago
  • Location: mumbai
  • Job Title: Digital Marketing Specialist at tata communication in mumbai
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