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Full Stack Web Developer at Beautiful Code in hyderabad Full Time

Job description

At Beautiful Code, we push ourselves to become full stack developers. A full stack web developer will develop the attitude of ‘can do anything’ and that goes hand in hand with our culture.

We heavily invest in raising the team’s productivity primarily through training and pet project implementations. As a full stack web developer, you will be learning/implementing any of the following on a typical day:

  • Data modelling.
  • Following TDD methodology and writing unit tests.
  • Provisioning infrastructure on public cloud providers such AWS, GCP.
  • Writing Javascript plugins for rich components on web pages.
  • Mocking and developing web application workflows.
  • Writing backend APIs.
  • Participating in code reviews.


What do you look for in a candidate?

  •  Communication: The ability to effectively communicate and articulate the technical challenges is fundamental for team velocity and chemistry.
  •  Interest: We give more weight to your professional interests and learning objectives than to your experience. Beautiful Code is not a place where we work solely on company’s projects. Beautiful Code is a means to a much bigger end – your personal goals.
  •  Demonstrable work: We will pay attention to your previous work. Especially your side projects.

I want to specialize in one area (for ex: Ruby on Rails development) and not really focus on the others. Should I apply?

A big NO!

If I try to learn the full stack technologies, I’m afraid I’ll become the jack of all trades.

Yes. The approach is to expose you to all the stack components. Initially, you will not be an expert but you will get the big picture. Once you can conceptualize the end to end stack then you will dive deep into each of the components.

Will I have enough time to learn on the job?

On average, everyone at Beautiful Code spends about 50% of their time on learning. Learning is our thing. Initially, you will spend almost 100% of your time in active learning and ramp that down as you take up responsibilities in client projects.

For a full stack web developer, what are the future prospects?

As a full stack web developer, you will develop the confidence and the right problem solving attitude to conceptualize and build end to end web systems. Should you choose to pursue your own startup idea, you can effectively be the CTO. Or given the big picture exposure a full stack developer gets, you can advance to become a systems architect. Exposure to the the myriad of technologies should also prepare you to become open source developers. Armed with this well-rounded knowledge, future prospects are very bright.

I’m really interested in this. But my B.Tech degree was not in computer science. Can I still apply?

If you are passionate about programming and you are a quick learner, you are welcome to apply.

What will be the compensation? Where will I be working?

The compensation will be in the range of 10-15 LPA. You’ll be working in Hyderabad.

What kind of past experience are you expecting?

You should have at least 2 years of experience in web development.

I still have questions.

Talk to us. Email your questions to [email protected]



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  • Date Posted: Posted 5 years ago
  • Location: hyderabad
  • Job Title: Full Stack Web Developer at Beautiful Code in hyderabad
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