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GoFrugal started its digital transformation about 18 months back. As a first step, we learnt and inculcated the digital culture within the company and re-engineered all our processes to be digital ready. We adopted the right tools in our day to day work to experience the benefits of being digital. This journey has picked up momentum as each one in our team share ideas and suggestions to simplify work and deliver delight to our customers


As a next step, GoFrugal wants to help customers go digital. We are in the process of developing all products to be ready for the digital transformation to our customers


Very few of the current players in the market are preparing themselves to be digital. We want to reach customers who are looking digital transformation aggressively and be a leader. In this process, we seek the digital marketer as a strategic role in multiplying GoFrugal’s success in the market


GoFrugal is looking for a digital marketer who can feel the pulse of a fast changing market. One who is hands-on with the tricks of the trade and is always eager to learn the new ones. The one who can innovate and come up with his own ideas and run small experiments on them. Most importantly, GoFrugal is looking for a result driven professionals who can take up challenging targets and is capable of delivering healthy month-on-month growth with ever improving ROI


Key Deliverables


  • Creative with high performing text and image Ads


  • Improved CTR% for more clicks, Increased Impressions


  • Optimized CPA for better ROI


  • A great Quality score for improved ad positioning, lowered CPC


  • Mobile App marketing to help drive high volume app installs both iOS and Android



Information Technology and Services

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Mid-Senior level

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  • Date Posted: Posted 6 years ago
  • Location: chennai
  • Job Title: Digital Marketer at GoFrugal Technologies Pvt Ltd in chennai
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